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About this toolkit

This site seeks to provide non-financial support providers with tools for them to:

  1. Identify trends in Latin America and the Caribbean, mainly what supply and demand gaps exist, how non-financial support is being financed, and how it is delivered, among other insights.
  2. Analyze how non-financial support is being applied, structured, and evaluated.
  3. Showcase best practices, methodologies, and tools being used by practitioners.
  4. Collect and disseminate information on non-financial support in one place.

A common purpose

Latimpacto and Red de Impacto joined efforts to create a toolkit to support foundations, social investors, and business support organizations (incubators, accelerators, etc.) to structure and manage their non-financial support programs more strategically. This effort ultimately seeks to strengthen social purpose organizations (SPOs) and increase their social and environmental impact.


We are a community of financial and non-financial capital providers that aims to deploy capital more strategically to achieve greater social and environmental impact. We support our members by improving their management practices and their investment models. To achieve this, we work on the following two pillars:

  • Connections that lead to more collaboration, best practices, and potential co-investments.
  • Knowledge of effective, innovative schemes to manage, measure, and finance social and environmental initiatives.

Red de Impacto

We are a group of organizations that support impact entrepreneurs in Latin America. It was formed in 2020 as a result of a joint effort to support entrepreneurs in the face of COVID-19, which unified the impact ecosystem to tackle the health and economic crisis. We are part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and we exist to support it across the region. To do this end, we gather resources, provide direct support, and coordinate our efforts to achieve as much efficiency and impact as possible.