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Step 3 Development of the work plan

The work plan is a mechanism whereby the SPOs’ need assessment results (see step 2) are put together, and the areas of non-financial support intervention are prioritized.

The advantages of developing a work plan are:

  • Ensure the prioritization of support areas and the matching between what the non-financial support provider can offer and the SPO’s needs for its development. 
  • Endorse tailored and collaboratively designed non-financial support, addressing the needs of the SPO previously identified and agreed by both parties, so that the support meets the needs of and adds value to the SPO.
  • Assess whether there are tools available to offer the support and allocate the resources (time and money) to implement those tools.  
  • Follow up on what is agreed and record the progress and products resulting from the non-financial support provided.  


Once the goals of the non-financial support plan have been set and the priority support areas have been agreed upon, a support plan is developed with the following components:

The initial situation of the SPO is based on the results of the need assessment performed in Step 2. The baseline is agreed upon between the SPO and the non-financial support provider. It is later used to measure and compare the results of both parties regarding the progress of the non-financial support. 

The ultimate objective that the SPO is expected to achieve by the time the intervention in the main support areas is over.

The milestones mark the progress that SPO must make to reach the final goal. Each milestone must be linked to a particular period, which will allow the non-financial support provider to monitor the progress of the SPO to make adjustments or corrections. The goals, milestones, and deadlines must be realistic and chosen jointly with the SPO.

These are changes, benefits, learnings, and other effects (both short and long term) that result from the activities. The results must be used to follow up on the SPO’s goal achievement once the non-financial support plan has been implemented in Step 4.

The non-financial support provider and the SPO agree on the type of support needed to achieve the set milestones and objectives. The decision on the type and intensity of the non-financial support given will depend on the results of the need assessment, while the decision on how the non-financial support is provided (that is, with internal or external resources) will be based on the asset mapping (see Step 1). 

These are the part of the non-financial support plan whose purpose is to collect information about the support that the internal and external collaborators have provided to the SPO (for instance, a business plan or a Theory of Change).  

This link offers a template to develop the non-financial support plan.